02 October 2007

was better being in college

Me writing this blog after a long time.I cant say , I was busy all the way through in this intermittent time.Actully,I am infected with lathargical worm which simply stops me from doing anything other than mundane activities.I didnt knew making it to a PSU will create such a havoc to the attitude or else would have been better off it.Moreover,residing in a remotest of place, all the dream seems to be vaporising fast. Totally unaware of how to get out of the pit, dug myself!!!!!!!!

22 September 2006

Extension of admission offer

I do have an extension on my admission offer till next fall, 2007. This gives me ample time to take a more concrete decision on the admission offer from NC State.Hopefully things in Home falls back in track and I can move on with my career plans.Earlier, not making into the university after having the offer was really disgusting.Now,the deferral has brought a new zeal of enthusiasm in the virtual callous life.

09 September 2006

Back in Business

Hre I am again into the blog world after a span of 3 months.These days had been crucial for me as I had to take one of the crucial decision over my fortune.I am not gng abroad finally and have decided to join GAIL instead.Arriving at a decision was really difficult but that is what I have decided finally.Currently I am posted in GAIL, Pata, a village 80 Kms away from kanpur.The nearest urbanised town being Dibyapur which is 3 kms away from the township.Basic amenities could be bought from the town and for quality shopping we go to Kanpur once every fortnight.The stay has been a pleasing experience as apart from the 8 hr shift duty ther are lot of games to be played out hre.I am enjoying the life to its fullest with the diverse sporting facilities in the campus.Football,cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis , Billiards, Lawn Tennis all go side by side and hence takes out all the tireness of duty.At the moment it seems that I am loving this hell of a place ,Pata.

30 April 2006

mayhem in IISc continues

I have finished all my course works in IISc. From now onwards,I shall be involved in ME project work. It shall be a grt fun to be involved in some research stuff for the first time in my carrer.I would work upon " Dynamic simulation of granular flows".No more boring and atrocious classes!!!For the time being , I have taken 3 weeks break from studies and going home today.

12 April 2006

the coolest life

I am enjoying the coolest possible life ever since I had the admit from NC State University.Attending the classes and lab courses , when they r unimportant to me, seems to be one of the greatest real life comedies I have come across.Although ,unavaibility of timely VISA appointment dates is a bit of concern but still that can't ruin the mayhem in IISc.

28 March 2006

Happiest moment in my life

From the moment , I had completed my B-Tech( in the yr 2004) , life had been moving slowly for me.One year of Job Experience , although added technical values ,but still there was something haunting within me.I left the job after 10 months and joined IISc , one of the premier Science Institute in India, in the ME program of Chemical Engg.

As few of my friends had already moved abroad for higher studies, I had always desired to move abroad for Research. This propelled me to apply in some of the renowned US univs.On march 10th , my life took a turn around ,when I had my first offer from North Carolina State University for PhD program in Chemical Engg. I am really excited at the offer.

to be continued..................